D9 wire wrapping DDF block for A8 connector

Item No.: TP-1306-D9
D9 DDF block | Digital Distribution Frame | wire wrapping | for A8 connector
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Neutral / OEM / TAEPO
  • Packing: 2pcs/box,90boxes/ctn, 52*31*40cm/ctn, gw 13.2kg/ctn
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Delivery: 2-4 weeks
  • Description


    12 systems D9 DDF block 120Ω (TP-1306-D9) is used on Digital Distribution Frame (DDF) working as the interface for E1/T1 (2Mbps) where the 120ohm shielded twisted pair cable has to be interconnected, cross-connected and organized. It also features monitoring of signals for supervising digital transmission equipment.

    In fixed networks the DDF should be placed in a centralized location and serve as the interface between the exchange and transmission equipment 
    In mobile networks, the DDF serves as the interface between a MSC (Mobile Service Switching Center) or BSC (Base Station Controller) and the transmission equipment.



        Main Features    

    • Modular Design: DDF blocks have a modular design, allowing for easy expansion or customization as the network's requirements change.
    • Cable Management: DDF blocks typically offer cable management features, such as cable routing channels, cable ties, and cable entry/exit points, to ensure organized and neat cable installations.
    • Termination Points: DDF blocks have termination points where incoming and outgoing cables can be connected.
    • Front Access: DDF blocks are designed with front access, which can be useful for maintenance and cable management. Front access allows for easy connection changes.
    • Ease of Installation: Consider the ease of installation and setup of the DDF block, especially if it requires complex configurations.
    • Cross-Connect Density: a high cross-connect density is essential to accommodate a large number of cross-connections between cables and equipment.


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